HQTek provides high resolution resistivity logging tools for oil field service companies and scintillation detectors for gamma ray detecting equipments.

Logging Tools

HQTek's high resolution resistivity logging tools includes High Resolution Dual Laterolog (HRDLL), Micro-Spherically Focused Log (MSFL), and Static Spontaneous Potential Tool (SSPT).

HRDLL measures both high resolution DLL and conventional DLL curves and MSFL measures both MSFL and MEL (Micro Electrode Log) curves in one run. SSPT is our patented logging tool that measures the static SP directly. A technical paper introducing the SSPT was presented at the 2009 SPWLA annual conference.

Computed focusing techniques were applied to all these tools. The digital focusing techniques simplified the tool electronic circuit, increased tool reliability, reduced tool adjusting and assembly times, and enhanced tool maintainability.

We are experienced in connecting our logging tools with the surface equipments from the major companies and the Warrior system. Our logging tools were sold to the customers in China and United States. Please contact us for detailed information about our tools.

Scintillation Detectors

HQTek manufactures NaI and CsI crystals in conventional or ruggedized assemblies. We also provides the scintillation detectors with photomultiplier tubes using high voltage dividers. Our products have been used in well logging equipments, MWD/LWD tools, and safety inspection equipments in the ruggedized environments with the maximum temperature of 200 degC.


HQTek have over 30 years of experience to grow high quality crystals in our Beijing factory. We can manufacture the crystal assemblies for special dimensions and connectors using either metric or English systems per the requests from our customers.


HQTek is very proud of the applications of its NaI crystals in the safety inspection equipments for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. We are very confident for our product quality and very compatible prices. Please contact to get free trial samples for the NaI crystal.